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We transform your data into an information analysis tool.

Avoid the tedious manual cross-referencing of information and gain immediate access to all your data.

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Decrease the technical effort and quickly integrate into pre-built dashboards according to ISO 30414.


In the face of difficulty in detecting important events, we inform you in real-time with alerts and lists.


Resolve data inconsistency and reduce the time spent on manual corrections, obtaining a reliable data source.


Eliminate technical barriers in HR, simplifying data analysis with queries in natural language.


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Our service integrates and validates different HR information sources to make them available through dashboards or through queries in natural language (artificial intelligence) and an alert system to monitor indicators.

Integrate all your HR data in one place.

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  • Load via Excel or API.

  • Transform and edit your data easily.

Your Data's Health Center.

  • Verify the quality of your data with detailed validations and quick corrections of any error.

  • Ensure your organization's information compliance.

Pre-built Dashboard.

  • Immediate visualization to a pre-built dashboard with ISO 30.414.

  • Payroll, Absenteeism, Turnover, Training, Compensation, Bands, among others.

  • Customize filters without programming.

Copilot (Artificial Intelligence).


Alerts and Lists.

  • Automatically monitor relevant information.

  • Create filters to monitor indicators.

  • Automatic lists of workers by condition.

Share Information.

  • Share information previously filtered by topic or structure.

  • Provide your organization with a self-query tool.

People Analytics

  • Predict worker resignations.

  • Identify the hidden causes of absenteeism.

  • Analyze gender gaps with advanced statistics.

  • Measure the impact of training.

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